Concept & Performance collaboration with Willa Pratt & Jess Pickford.

Design by Emma Louise.

The Doof Secretaries are a team of performers from Marrickville, Sydney. Formed in early 2014 after the revelation that organisationingliness is next to godliness, our sole purpose in life is to create a sense of comfort for partygoers through a unique blend of organisation and confusion, reminiscent of your drunk aunt at the 1959 Generic Office Pty Ltd Christmas party.

Our suitcases are packed with a portable retro office ready to set up  office anywhere we go. Our services include, but are not limited to: labelling belongings (you'll never lose your mug again!), removing staples, making appointments (we're busy, maybe you could come back tomorrow?), typing lists (where do you have be and who do you need to see?), taking dictation of letters home (and sending for you), creating reminders and placing clients on hold.

We have performed at Regrowth Festival, Psyfari, Rainbow Serpent & Wide Open Space Festival as well as street festivals, warehouse parties & even weddings and are always delighted to help anyone lost to find their way through the arts and sciences of listing, filing and compartmentalising. 

Performances range from 2 - 6 hours, depending on crowd participation/ interaction and can be tailored to suit varied festival and party situations.

© 2017  Emma Louise Hayman

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