Emma Louise is a Sydney-based Artist, Designer & Stylist.

Her works range from handmade and digital collage to performance art, large scale installation works and festival styling.

Starting her formal art training at Sydney College of the Arts in 2003, she majored in Photomedia. Her work focussed on photography as a performance, (and the performance of photography as a dying art) using wet photographic processes and incorporating installation and video.

She completed her Honours in Media Arts (Photomedia) at SCA in 2006.


Moving away from anagloue processes she began working with digital images in 2008, and after exploring digital art production went on to study graphic Design at Enmore Design Centre 2013-2014.


Emma co-founded, coordinated and exhibited in Sydney Fringe Festival’s Guerrilla Art Fair, has run events for Sydney Fringe Festival and smaller scale independent collectives around Sydney’s Inner West.  She helped co-ordinate Reclaim the Streets and Reclaim the Lanes Festivals from 2010 - 2014 and in 2012 set up artist-run space ‘Concrete Jungle’ in Marrickville (now Monster Mouse Studios). 

In 2014 created performance art group ‘Doof Secretaries’.


Since 2009 her installation and performance work has been included festivals such as Lost Paradise, High & Dry, Regrowth, Psyfari, Rainbow Serpent & Wide Open Space. 


Her practice now spans from graphic design and two dimensional physical and digital works, to performance art and large scale installations. 

Emma is currently working out of Ladder Studios in Marrickville.